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Hibu re-enters Chapter 15 protection


Financier Worldwide Magazine

And while the organisation has a significant presence in the US, a substantial amount of the firm’s debt (issued by YH Ltd) is actually located in the UK. In an attempt to get this debt under control, Hibu’s senior management took the decision earlier this year to seek protection by utilising the equivalent of Chapter 11 in the UK, i.e., Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

Furthermore, the Chapter 15 filing made by Hibu (YH Ltd), which is being overseen by Judge Shelley Chapman, US bankruptcy judge for the Southern District of New York, aims to achieve formal recognition in the US of the proceedings that are taking place in the UK.

In summary, Hibu’s Chapter 15 petition consists of a proposed deal that would see creditors holding 83 percent of the company’s outstanding debt, which would wipe out all of its existing £1.15bn in liabilities in exchange for £550m in new bonds. Should Hibu’s request be given approval by Judge Chapman, the company will be temporarily protected from potential lawsuits from creditors and other interested parties in the US.

John of Wimauma, FL   Verified Reviewer
John of Wimauma, FL  
Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 2, 2020

Do not be fooled by this company. I have a 3 month contract which they have attempted to state multiple times it is a 6 month contract. Horrible website design. horrible Facebook adds. When you try and reach them you will be on hold for a minimum of 5 minutes and they will shoot you around to different departments because no one knows what they are doing. My website is horrible. I had to now hire a much much much better marketing team. I highly suggest reading the reviews very carefully. I have tried to just pay out the rest of my contract so I don't waste money on horrible advertising. I was looking for lead generation.

I have received 1 lead in the last month and a half. The new company I am using brings me a minimum of 50 inbound leads a day. If you want to see the quality of their work please visit I honestly do not know what else can be said. I thought every company has some bad reviews but this company is horrible. Management still hasn't gotten back to me in over a week. They do not update ads or do anything they stated they were gonna do. Feel free to reach me if you would like me to go over in more detail how this company conducts business.

Clark Howard warns customers away from AT&T/DirecTV

NEW YORK -- Gary Raia signed up for an AT&T promotion -- internet and DirecTV for around a $100 a month for two years. When his first bill in July was nearly double that, he complained to AT&T.

"Every month you open up your envelope and you go, 'OK, what's the surprise this month?'"

"As I am talking to them, I get on the internet and I look at the special," Raia told CBS News. "Their special is $99.99 and I say, 'can you just look at the internet?'"

Months later, he was still paying a lot more.

"That tells me that they're cheating people," he said.

In an AT&T commercial a voiceover can be heard advertising: The bundle price you sign up for is guaranteed to stay the same price for two years.

AT&T told CBS News they "fully honor the terms" of their promotions.

But our investigation uncovered more than 4,000 complaints against AT&T and DirecTV related to deals, promotions and overcharging in the past two years.

One woman in Florida tried to call AT&T to have them explain her account charges.

"I keep getting bills for $79.49 and my contract says I was only going to pay $24.99 for two years," she told AT&T over the phone.

Over three hours, five different representatives gave her five different explanations.

Brittany of Central City, KY      Verified Reviewer
Brittany of Central City, KY     
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2020
During this pandemic, I've had to work from home... this is by far the WORST experience I've ever had with any wifi providing company. My internet is not working but maybe 5 hours TOTAL per day. This is ridiculous. I've been on hold to cancel my service for almost 30 minutes. More than unhappy and will make sure I share my experience with EVERYONE I can.

Why would I want to switch

As in any good economy, large corporations tend to forget the ABC's of good business, they feel that to save that extra money will help the bottom line and if they lose a customer in the process they'll just get another. We who own a small business know how valuable those customers are. Some good signs are:

  • Poor Customer Service
  • Foreign Customer Service that you can't understand
  • Mixed up, confused, or false billing
  • Errors that take months to straighten out. Nothing worse
    than taking 2-4 months to get your money back.
  • Weeks or even worse not getting the changes made on your website at all.
  • Finally getting your changes made and their all wrong.
  • Not understanding the person that is making the changes
  • worse, the person that's making changes to your website - doesn't understand you.
  • The whole company just pisses you off.


What's OUR Customer Services Like?

What all of us at eSTUFF Marketing insist on doing is seeing to it that you as the customer are as well taken care of as possible. We try to take all the mistakes that our competition makes and keep it from applying to us.

  • Good Customer Service - we take every call we can or call right back and listen to your concerns. Our goal is to solve any problem you may have.
  • No Foreign Customer Service - we at eSTUFF are all from Indiana and we speak very plain english.
  • Mixed up, confused, or false billing - are a thing of the past when you start with us. We have one pre-agreed upon price
  • Errors that take months to straighten out. Nothing worse
    than taking 2-4 months to get your money back. We'll correct any error within 24 hours of your call.
  • Corrections or changes to your website will be addressed and finished within 24 to 48 hours.
  • We work to fully understand the changes you want to your website so that there are no misunderstandings
  • We only sell to US companies so understanding them and their needs are well understood.
  • You can understand our near perfect english here at eSTUFF
  • You'll just be pissed off that you waited so long to switch over to eSTUFF

What All Can You Expect to Get from eSTUFF Marketing

Basic Included Services

  • First of all, you can expect the developers at eSTUFF Marketing to design a brand new website for your business. If you don't want to spend a lot of time in the beginning, you can let us design it much like your old site with the same verbiage and pictures. Although there will be some minor change, much of your website will appear very familiar. If you would like to assist in the build and contribute some articles and new pictures, we'll design a new website better than anything before.
  • Next, that new website will be hosted (shown) on one of the premier web hosting sites in the country. eSTUFF works with the web hosting facility to ensure that you have the best marriage of electronics and programming that can be created. The result is the smoothest running website program on one of the most reliable networks and your website is instantly transformed into a fantastic site that everyone will envy. In return, the hosting facility will then guarantee a 99.9% uptime and you will have the ultimate package.
  • We then go back to work on your website once again to optimize the site to best talk to the internet search engines . Google, Yahoo, Bing and about 100 other search engines are just dying to know what you're business is up to so that they can introduce you to everyone interested in learning more about you and what you do. Like medicine is to a doctor, our job is to be sure that keywords and business services all come together to match your business with the terms potential customers are using to look and find you. Having a website is of no value, if people don't know it's there.
  • In addition to everything else, we provide you with the latest updates that come around your way. Unlike what you're probably used to, we don't wait 2 years to update your site to the newest platform and version. Your website will undergo as many as 10-15 plugin, theme, and developmental upgrades in a 1 week span of time. We'll be there every step of the way to be sure they all get along and play well together. Meantime you can be sure that your website is the most up-to-date program with all the latest bells and whistles to draw search engine attention.
  • We will handle the transfer of your domain name, URL renewal, and reassignment of the domain server, all the unknowns that most people are unfamiliar and hence concerned about doing themselves. We keep track of everything so you don't have to.
  • So that's it in about a nutshell, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call.

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